• One Life - Memories of Edwardian Swindon by Edmund W. Moritmer - Front cover

    One Life

    Memories of Edwardian Swindon
    By E.W. Mortimer

  • The Author

    Edmund W. Mortimer

     Edmund W. Mortimer - As a young boy

    As a young boy

     Edmund W. Mortimer - As a young man

    As a young man

     Edmund W. Mortimer - Later in life

    In later years

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  • The Garrard Story by E.W. and B.E. Mortimer - front cover

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    The Garrard Story

    by E.W.Mortimer and B.E.Mortimer

    One family's take on the 63 year history of Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Swindon, Wiltshire.

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